The organisation shall be called TATA Brass Band [Port Talbot] and is hereinafter referred to as The Band. When operating in formations other than as a conventional brass band (e.g. as a small to medium sized brass ensemble rather than as a standard brass band) the band shall be known as TATA Brass.


In these rules, unless the contrary intention appears:

(a)    “The Band” means the TATA Brass Band [Port Talbot].

(b)   The expression “Members” shall include all classes of member, both playing and non-playing, of the Band.

(c)    Words denoting the masculine gender shall be deemed to include the feminine.

(d)   Words in the singular shall include the plural and vice versa.


(a)    The Band is established, as part of the TATA Sports & Social Club, to:

i.       Provide a competent and viable band to represent TATA in the local community

ii.      Represent both TATA and Port Talbot in the wider world

iii.     Provide a musical service to TATA for official engagements if available

iv.    Provide a musical service to the wider community in the Port Talbot area

v.      Promote musicianship amongst younger members of the local community.

(b)   In order to carry out the objects herein before provided, the Band shall, wherever possible:

 i.     Formulate, prepare and establish a programme of public concerts during each year.

ii.     Make itself available to take part in a number of charity events every year.

iii.     Work within the local community to provide music for events such as Armistice Day, Christmas and Easter festivals, summer events etc.

iv.     Take part in brass band contests, whenever possible, in order to both promote the TATA name and to ensure the continued development of the Band.

v.     Establish a chamber ensemble, under the name TATA Brass, to perform at diverse events where a full band would not be suitable.

vi.     Establish a TATA Training Band for the encouragement and development of young players and returning players.


(a)    The financial year of the Band shall be from the first day of January in each year to the 31st day of December that year.

(b)   All property and monies received by the Band from whatever source derived shall be applied in carrying out the objects of the Band in accordance with the Business Plan and principles as laid out to the membership of the Band by the Treasurer.

(c)   All monies received by any member on behalf of the Band shall be promptly paid to the proper officer of the Band authorised to receive the same or otherwise to the Treasurer.

 (d)  No expenses shall be incurred on behalf of the Band, apart from ordinary expenses of administration, except by resolution of the Band members or by express permission of the Treasurer and Secretary.

(e)    The Treasurer shall keep the Band Management advised as to the funds readily available to the Band and to such liabilities as might need to be addressed on a monthly basis.

(f)   So much of the funds of the Band as may not be required for immediate use or to meet the usual accruing liabilities shall be banked in the name of the Band at a bank to be decided upon by the Treasurer and approved by the Band members.

(g)   The Treasurer shall advise the entire Band membership, on a three monthly basis, as to the funds in both the current and savings accounts and to all liabilities falling due in the following quarter. 

(h)   The Treasurer, in consultation with the Band Management (and, where applicable, the Musical Director), shall devise budgets for instrument replacement, travel expenses, music purchase and any other items that may be deemed necessary and report upon these on a quarterly basis to the Band membership.

(i)     In addition to any financial assistance from TATA Steel, the playing members of the Band shall pay a weekly subscription towards the running of the Band. The level of the subscription shall be decided by the Band management  and approved by a full meeting of the Band membership.

(j)     The Band management shall have the discretion to vary or excuse the payment of subscriptions for any members of the Band as they see fit.



If the Band Management decide that it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the Band it shall call a meeting of all members of the Band, of which not less than 21 days notice (stating the terms of the resolution to be proposed) shall be given.

If the proposal is confirmed by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting the Band Management shall organise a further ballot (by post and email) of the entire membership (including both honorary and subscribed) and upon receiving a two-thirds majority in favour of dissolution shall have power to realise any assets held by or on behalf of the Band. If the membership of the band is less than 16 the decision regarding dissolution shall be passed to TATA Steel.

Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities shall be transferred to the TATA Sports & Social Club. A copy of the statement for the final accounting period of the Band must be sent to the appropriate person(s) at both the TATA Sports & Social Club and TATA Steel itself. Advice shall be sought from TATA Steel as to the disposal of both the Band’s instruments and music library.

Should a motion for dissolution be tabled and defeated, another will not beallowed for a period of 12 months,save in the event of impending insolvency.


(a)   The Band Management shall deliver on request to any member of the Band one copy of these Rules free of charge and on payment of the sum of one pound for any subsequent copy.

(b)  The Band Management shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of these Rules and its decisions shall be final and binding upon the members of the Band.

(c)    In cases of serious breaches of the Rules or alleged actions, if proven, requiring exclusion, either permanent or temporary, from the Band, the entire membership of the Band shall be require to vote. For the motion to be carried at least two-thirds of the membership shall be required to vote and a majority of two-thirds shall be required.


The Constitution may be altered by a resolution passed by not less than two thirds of the members present and voting at a general meeting. The notice of the general meeting must include notice of the resolution, setting out the terms of the alteration proposed.


(a)    Membership of the Band shall be open to anyperson.

(b)    There shall be three classes of membership:

(i)  Honorary life membership.

(ii)  Playing membership.

(iii)  Non-playing membership.

(c)    The classes of membership may be increased,varied, limited or abolished as determined from time to time by the Band membership at a properly constituted Extraordinary General Meeting.

(d)   Admission to membership shall be in such manner and on such terms as may be determined from time to time by the Band management and the decision of the Band management in this respect shall be final and binding.

(e)   There shall be kept by the Secretary, or nominated deputy, a Register of Members which shall contain the following particulars:

(i)  the full name, address, telephone (landline and/or mobile) and email address of each member.

(ii)  the date of admission to membership.

(iii)  the subscription payable, if any.

(iv)  Attendance record for rehearsals, sectionals, concerts and contests.

(v)  In respect of the above, the Band shall register under the Data Protection Act

(f)   The Band shall have the power to appoint Honorary Members as a distinction for meritorious service to Welsh banding, to the Band itself or to the locality.

(g)   There shall be the following types of honorary life members;

(i)  Patron(s)

(ii)  President

(iii)  Vice President

All of whom may, and will be encouraged to, take an active role in Band affairs and shall provide a pool of expertise and support to the Band management.

(h)  The Band management shall have the power to determine the membership of any members not complying with the Rules of the Band or who in any way does anything detrimental to the interests of the Band, provided that a member whose membership has been determined under this Rule may, within one month from receiving notice of determination of their membership, apply to the Band management to be heard at a meeting of the full membership of the Band.

(i)    Continuing membership of the Band shall cease if a member fails to pay their weekly subscriptions for a period of 12 weeks, unless otherwise determined by the Band management.

(j)    If for any reason a member shall cease to remain a member no part of their subscription shall be returnable.


(a)   The subscription shall be payable to the duly appointed person during the break in each full rehearsal of the Band.

(b)   The person responsible for collecting subscriptions shall maintain a record of all payments which will be passed to the Secretary on a monthly basis.

(c)    All monies collected shall be passed to theTreasurer, for banking, on a monthly basis.



The band shall ratify and adopt such policies as the TATA Steel Sports & Social Club may have in place. Any policies unique to the requirements of TATA Brass Band will be devised and put in place as necessary following a full meeting of the band.




(a)    The Annual General Meeting of the Band shall be held each year on a date to be decided by the  Band management but within the two weeks following the Welsh Area Championships. Failing this, the meeting must take place before the end of March.

(b)   The ordinary business of the Annual General Meeting shall include:

i.       The submission of the Annual Report of the Band management.

ii.       The Annual Report of the Musical Director

iii.      The report of the Band’s representative(s) who attended, if possible, the SEWBBA AGM

iv.     The submission of a statement of accounts for the Band.

v.      The election/re-election of the Band management for the ensuing year.

vi.     The discussion and adoption of any proposed rule changes.

vii.     The appointment/re-appointment of Patron(s), President & Vice Presidents

viii.     Any other matters deemed appropriate subject to prior notice

(c)    Whilst the incumbent Band management may automatically stand for re-election any members wishing to put themselves forward must obtain the nomination of two members of the Band and have been a paid-up member of the Band for a minimum of six months prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting.

(d)  The quorum for a General Meeting shall be two-thirds of the membership.

(e)   Minutes of a General Meeting shall be available for inspection by any member on application to the Secretary.

(f)   An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened at the request in writing of not less than one quarter of the members of the Band or by direction of the Band management. 10 days notice must be given of the convening of any such meeting.



(a)    The Band shall not have a committee; all major decisions shall be discussed and determined by a full meeting of the band membership, all members having an equal vote.

(b)  The management and control of the Band shall be exercised, subject to the provisions of these Rules, by a management team consisting of three members of the Band and any other members as may be co-opted from time to time for specific duties or projects.

(c)    The Band management shall consist of the Band Manager, Secretary and Treasurer, who shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting and shall be eligible for re-appointment on an annual basis.

(d)   The Band management shall, at its first meeting after the Annual General Meeting, appoint, as necessary, any advisers as may be necessary to further the aims of the Band’s business plan.

(e)    The Band management shall appoint a Librarian to be solely responsible for the Band’s music library and only he/she (or their authorised deputy in their absence) shall be allowed to enter the library and to issue and return music.

(f)   Patron(s) and President. The Patron(s) and the President of the Guild shall be appointed by the Band management, subject to the approval of the Band members at a General Meeting, and shall hold office until the appointment is terminated, either by the appointee or by the Band management and in the latter case the termination shall be approved by the membership at a General Meeting.

(g)   Patron(s) – The role of Patron(s) shall be an honorary one and whilst he/she/they may be called upon to offer advice or assistance, the Patron(s) shall have neither role nor voting rights in the administration of the Band.

(h)   President – The role of President shall also bean honorary one although he/she shall have the right to attend, speak and vote at full meetings of the Band membership, may be invited to meetings of the Band management where deemed useful or necessary, and shall be invited to chair any disciplinary hearings, interviews for Musical Director and Annual or Extraordinary General Meetings.

(i)    Vice-Presidents. Vice-Presidents may be appointed by the Band management at any time in recognition of unique contributions to the cause of Welsh banding,the Band in particular, and the locality and also to prominent national personages whose names are deemed to enhance the status of the Band. Such appointments may be terminated at the discretion of the Band management.Furthermore, Vice Presidents will be contacted every five years and asked if they wish to maintain their connection with the Band.

(j)     Vice Presidents shall have the right to attend,speak and vote at full meetings of the Band membership and will, from time to time, lend their expertise to administration of the Band.

(k)   Non-playing members - The Band will encourage non-playing members to take an active interest in the areas of fundraising, promotion, logistics, concert management and the library.

(l)    The Band management shall endeavour to meet not less frequently than once every month.

(m) The Band management shall report to the Band members as necessary by means of email, text message, the band Facebook page for members, the band noticeboard and by announcements during the break in rehearsals.

(n)   Meetings of the full membership, at which all members shall be eligible to speak or raise issues for discussion, shall take place not less than once every six weeks. These meetings shall be chaired by one of the Band management.



The Band Manager shall be the principal officer of the Band and will chair meetings of the Band management. The Band Manager shall run the band on a day-to-day basis in accordance with the established business plan. The Band Manager, in conjunction with the Secretary and Treasurer, shall be responsible for updating the business plan and for presenting the Annual Report to the AGM.

In situations where it is impracticable to seek the mandate of the Band membership, the Band Manager shall have the authority to make decisions in the day to day business of the Band provided that the outcome falls within the aims of the Band and the agreement is sought of the band membership at the earliest opportunity.


The Secretary shall record and keep minutes of all meetings of the Band membership and of the Band management in the Minute Books provided for that purpose, and shall give notice to all concerned of all meetings and shall generally carry out the instructions of the management and the Band.

In addition, the Secretary shall deal with all communications - written,aural and electronic - and shall undertake all administrative duties necessary for the satisfactory running of the Band,


(a)    The Treasurer shall keep full records of all the Band’s finances in accordance with these Rules and with the instructions of the Band membership.

(b)   The Treasurer shall ensure that all monies are banked and invoices paid in a timely fashion.

(c)    The Treasurer shall draw up financial plans and forecasts to facilitate the maintenance of the Band’s business plan and will keep the management and membership updated as to the state of the band’s finances.

(d)   The Treasurer shall devise and administer all budgets for Band projects, concerts and purchases.


The accounts of the Band shall be audited at least once in every year. If required by law, the audit shall be undertaken by a qualified professional auditor who shall be appointed annually at the AGM.



(a)    The Musical Director shall be appointed on a rolling weekly contract.

(b)   When appointing a new Musical Director the Band shall place advertisements in relevant publications and may also approach individuals to enquire as to their interest in the post.

i.      Candidates shall be required to apply in writing with curriculum vitae, a statement of their vision for the musical progress of the band, two references and, where possible, certified recordings of performances conducted by them.

ii.     A ‘long’ list of candidates shall be drawn up and those on the list shall be interviewed by a panel consisting of Band management and a player member selected by ballot.

iii.    A short list of a maximum of three will then be drawn up and these will be invited to attend separate rehearsals where they will conduct the band and have a short question and answer session with the Band members.

iv.    A full meeting of the band shall decide which candidate to offer the appointment to and, upon acceptance; he or she will be offered a contract with a six month probationary period.

(c)    The Musical Director shall be treated with courtesy and respect at all times and will be expected to do the same for Band members.

(d)   The Musical Director shall be the sole arbiter of all musical matters.

(e)    The Band management may advise the Musical Director as to suggested repertoire but he/she shall have the final say in the choice of music for contests and concerts.

(f)    Should the Musical Director wish to move players then he/she shall first discuss this with the Band management. If it is agreed to proceed then the player concerned will be spoken to privately and asked for their views. Except in extreme circumstances any moves must ideally be by consent.

(g)   The Musical Director shall be responsible for devising the Artistic Policy of the business plan and for advising the Band management on the realistic goals to be set for the 1, 3, 5 and 10 year plans.

(h)   The Musical Director shall, once every month,report to the Band upon their progress, weaknesses and the proposed course of action to be taken to move the band forward.

(i)     In addition to regular rehearsals, the Musica lDirector may call sectional rehearsals as and when he/she feels it is necessary.

(j)    The Musical Director shall, in good time,advise the Librarian of repertoire that he/she intends to rehearse with the band in order to give time for the location, checking and distribution of the performing material.

(k)   The Musical Director shall advise the Librarian as to what performing material the Band should be adding to its library.

(l)    If a situation arises where the Musical Director’s contract is to be terminated then this MUST be done in a seemly and confidential manner. The Musical Director must be informed of the decision, and the reasons for it, before it becomes general knowledge and a joint statement agreed (as per the Musical Director’s contract) as to the reason for his/her departure. Effort must be made at all times not only to maintain cordial relations but to present a positive image to the outside world.


When appropriate the Band shall appoint a Composer-in-Association to write both original works and arrangements for the Band. This C-in-A could bean established composer or a young composer who is new to the banding world.



The music librarian(s) will endeavour to (or oversee):

a)     Maintain an accurate catalogue of material held in the Band’s library.

b)     Be responsible to the issue and return of scores to the Musical Director.

c)     Order all music, subject to the agreement of the Band management, requested by the Musical Director, or set for contests, in a timely manner.

d)     Organise the preparation of practice parts for Band members.

e)     Check, in advance, the completeness of sets requested by the Musical Director.

f)      Make all necessary repairs to performing material.

g)     Make sure that all repertoire requested by the Musical Director is placed on the music stands prior to rehearsal.

h)     Assemble music pads with concert repertoire.

i)       Return all material to the library when it has been used.

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